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The duo


She chants her texts in an urgency to say,  He  tampers with his machines, analog synthesizers and drum machines.  Conversations with variable climates, words and music mingle and stimulate each other in a wild and visceral electro punk universe...  

Quentin Pourchot


Influenced by experimental music and steeped in Coltrane, Magma, Camaron de la Isla and Steve Reich, Quentin studied saxophone at Jam, then percussion in South India for 2 years with Master Karaikoudi R. Mani. On his return to France, he immersed himself in the wild techno of free parties and experimental and repetitive music.

Standing in front of his machines,

Quentin persists in creating an obsessive and minimalist sound, a bassline and dissonant sounds in the text's rebound and echo.

Since 2003, he has been a saxophonist in the Orchester Populaire Méditerranée, percussionist in the flamenco group Fantasia Flamenca, composer, saxophonist, synthesizer in the group Crazy Men (international tour). Side Man in various Gypsy and South American music groups (2003-2016).

Maya Defay  

Raised in a sewing workshop in Barbès, Mâya was rocked by the stories of women, surrounded by colorful fabrics, weaving and texture "du lat." textus” etymology of “text” both “fiber entwining” and “narrative chaining”. She naturally exchanges a sewing machine for a Bic pen, seeks to break down the boundaries between fiction and reality, between Small Singular Stories and Great History, she creates bridges between life, writing, the stage and music. At the age of 30, she met Jean Rouch, got hired at the Sumène post office and validated a master's degree in ethnology around the tour of a postwoman in the Cévennes. Ethnologist, letter carrier, author and storyteller, Mâya fulminates frankly, invents languages or poetizes slang. She breaks the codes of the song, to offer a vocal performance or orality. Influenced by Dostoyevsky, by Gainsbourg for her provocation, she is often compared to Brigitte Fontaine for the insolence of her narrative texts. Mâya also works on the writing and staging of shows and the artistic direction of audio book recordings, she accompanies artists such as Brigitte Fontaine (Portrait of an artist in undressed self), Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine (Les Basement Notebooks)...

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